Course Description

In this course students will use games and gaming principles to collaboratively construct a deeply immersive world. Students will populate this world with people to meet, places to find, and things to discover, and then will develop well-rounded characters who will explore this created world through role-playing gameplay. Students will then write a series of flash fiction stories describing the unique experiences of their characters.

This site was built for English 236 – Introductory Topics in Creative Writing: “Gaming, World Building and Narrative” taught in the spring of 2011. This spring (2013) ENG 236 will be offered again with a subtitle “Digital Storytelling and Role-Playing.” In this iteration of the course, we will spend more time in role-playing sessions and discussing the resultant narratives.

UWM Timetable: Dept of English
ENG 236 – Introductory Topics in Creative Writing
Digital Storytelling and Role-Playing
Lec 01, Course #46075
Mon/Wed 9:30-10:45
Preliminary syllabus.


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